• community focused, or for a non-profit or government entity
  • solvable with technology i.e. mobile app, website, desktop, database
  • applicant must be able to explain their problem to the team
  • applicant must be able to provide time and commitment to the team during the project
  • resulting solution will be open-source in nature and license for other communities benefit.
  • All active projects are currently looking for more help
  • To join a project, please directly contact the project lead
  • Access to the different development tool for the specific projects will be provided
  • Please make a commitment to complete the project once you have started.
  • All projects are completed remotely


WellBuilt Bikes

C4TB is building a new website for WEllBuilt Bikes to help with customer management, donations, event planning and overall community engagement

Help Wanted

WordPress Content Management

Rick Myers

Project Lead


Info about the project

Help Wanted

Design, JS Developer, AWS Cloud

Frank Perez

Project Lead