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Meet Winners Resource Center: Improving Resource Allocation for those in Need

Winners’ Resource Center is a nonprofit charity that provides services to about 600 families a month in the Tampa Bay Area and beyond.  Its mission is to impact the lives of others by helping them overcome their current needs and matching them with solutions to help win in life, providing in addition to food and clothing,  life skills training and referral assistance.

Their National Day of Civic Hacking challenge is to develop a more efficient resource for non-profits and companies to share their information with those in need in the Tampa Bay area, as well as to be able to better inform community members about available services and opportunities.

The services they offer are many and far reaching:

  • Food and Clothing Assistance – from fresh and non-perishable grocery items for individuals, families and other community organizations to serving hot meals to the homeless and poor, and providing clothing and basic need items , daily and during weekly community visits to low-income areas or large city-wide outreach events.
  • Employment Mentoring for the unemployed or under-employed, via a team of experts who assist resume writing, identifying skill sets and practicing interview skills.
  • Computer Lab (Opening Soon) which will provide computer skills training, after school tutoring, and homework assistance.
  • Life Skills Training including healthy living workshops, finance, self-defense classes, CPR certification and other basic life skills for the home and workplace, all through partnerships with experts and other organizations to bring addiction, parenting and mental health counseling to those who need it.

 NDCH Project

Jaina Washington, with Winners’ Resource Center, explains what they’re looking for in their National Day of Civic Hacking project.

“Currently there is no website or app that families in need of resources can use to find community events to get items they may need. For instance, our organization and many others will distribute food for families or clothes via events. Other groups will do popup health screening events. Being able to have one location where people can learn about resources available via events will be helpful.

“While 211 lists all the organizations, many nonprofits and even companies will host events geared to reaching those in need. We currently share information regarding these types of events as often as we can, but having a way to automatically pull information in from social media platforms or non-profit websites would go a long way. (Think Google Alerts meets Eventbrite for non-profits and companies to share their information with those in need in the Tampa Bay area.) We service the Tampa Bay area, and since our organization is doing this (on a small scale and when we hear about information), our goal is to do it more efficiently and make it easier to be found.

“As a non profit, we don’t always have the budget to access the technical skills we need. The NDHC is a great way to bring skills from the community to help us to solve issues.”

If you would like to help develop a better way for Winners’ Resource Center to reach and communicate with those in need, and to raise awareness of the many complementary services provided by other nonprofits in the community,  please register for our National Day of Civic Hacking event on August 11th, and select the Tampa location to Hack for Change at The Industrious Office from 9am to 5pm at 401 E Jackson St Suite 3300 in Tampa.

Click image to register for NDCH 2018!

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