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Code for Tampa Bay teaming up with other Brigades for Irma Disaster Response Apps

Several Code for Tampa Bay members have joined a multi state/multi brigade effort to build Hurricane Irma disaster response apps to help make resource information easily accessible. The Irma app is live here. There is an API to add shelter and other information here. If you would like to help with this effort, there is a slack channel with an auto-invite link here where you can get up to speed, including the Google Drive link.

In addition to Code for Tampa Bay, Florida brigades involved with this effort include: Code for Fort Lauderdale; Code for Miami; and, Code for Orlando!

The app is a branch of work done for Hurricane Harvey recovery by Sketch City, a Houston Code for America Brigade. New Yorkers are also involved sharing their experience from Hurricane Sandy.  Once the immediate threat has passed, we expect this app will be refined and generalized to provide an easy framework for information dissemination for future disasters.

I haven’t been able to contribute as much as I’d like because the hackathon is in just 2 short weeks, now with a hurricane in the way! But I have been doing what I can (mostly by helping to get the word out) and have been amazed at how quickly this thing has come together. One indication, at just a couple days old, the Slack team already has over 300 members.  It has also been impressive to see how quickly everyone figured out how to work as a team, building consensus to agree on a common direction.

Stay safe but if you have a break from your own hurricane prep, please get involved.