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Zika Hackathon

<Hack Zika 2017/>

Join us as we combine forces with Hillsborough County to combat Zika by controlling mosquitoes

Hackathon Challenges
  1. Mosquito Education Computer Game
    • Engage the public to reduce mosquito populations
  2. Digital Inspector
    • Reduce county-staff time spent  on service calls
  3. Spray Truck Router
    • Spray truck turn-by-turn instructions through a treatment zone
    • Cover every road in a zone in minimum distance
    • Variation on “Travelling Salesman” problem
  4. Zone Picker
    • Develop an objective, scientifically justifiable method to select daily spray zones based on a multitude of relevant data
    • Prescriptive Analytics

Call for Designers, Programmers, Developers, Game engine and UX/UI Experts, Graphic Designers, and other Technologists!

Help the Hillsborough County government control mosquitoes and prepare for a response to the Zika threat.

WHAT: A <C4TB/> community-powered civic hackathon to write software applications which will help the Hillsborough County Public Works Mosquito Control District fight mosquitoes through education, data collection and analysis. Several challenges on tap for all skill levels ranging from a mosquito education game (no we are not educating mosquitos) to a Prescriptive Analytics model to provide operational intelligence for mosquito control efforts.


September 29 – September 30: Group Hack Hosted by Tampa Bay WaVE

October 2 – 6: Independent Teamwork

October 7: Presentation & Awards

WHERE: Tampa Bay WaVE, 500 E Kennedy Blvd, 3rd Floor, Tampa, FL 33602

HOW: You can help make the event a HUGE success. We need additional sponsors to provide meals over the weekend and prize money for the winning projects! Pick a level or meal period, (please) get involved, and thanks!

— Event level $5,000 Recognition as a premiere sponsor of the hackathon (a maximum of 3 will be sold), and largest logo on a t-shirt.

– Gold level $2,500 Includes Bronze and Silver level benefits as well as a presentation speaking slot to address the group (15 minutes total), and logo on

t-shirt, larger than a Silver logo.

— Silver Level $1,000 Includes Bronze level benefits, a banner hung in main event room and recognition as a sponsor of one of the meal periods with shout out and placard at meal service, and logo on t-shirt larger than a Bronze logo.

– Bronze Level $500 Includes logo placement on a t-shirt and in the revolving PPT

presentation which runs at various times during the weekend.

Check out our group.

Email to get involved or for more info.